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Re-Designing during a Pandemic

Year 2020 had began and like any other year we had expectations and plans. Back in March, the unexpected happen. We were forced to quarantine, close our doors, Disney and Universal Studios closed, it was a sad day.

During this time many homeowners looked and looked at their homes and realized that certain rooms were not at the best of their liking. So, they decided it was time to renovate, refresh and redecorate their homes. Unfortunately, back in March/April, many of our vendors were bracing for the worse. They obviously did not want to order product and then end up with a warehouse full of products that they cannot sell. So they cancelled or downsized some of their orders from their suppliers overseas. Well as we know the complete opposite happened. The demand outpaced the supply and that has created shortages, and a part of the reason why we are seeing so many back-orders and delays on deliveries. But it doesn’t stop there.

Adams Dining Table by Gabby Home

Closures of ports and customs. Lockdowns, smaller crews and many working remotely have been an impact to getting orders in time. Even if we decide to go with USA made products only, many parts that suppliers use need to come from overseas who are running into difficulty getting containers shipped or being left behind at the last minute, because of delays due to smaller work crews. Some overseas countries are on lockdown or have crew member reduced making it hard to keep with the demand.

As of right now, California have been placed on lockdown, keeping many of our clients orders help hostage. We have been getting letters from some of our vendors located in California about not being able to ship, or the freight companies picked up but they are on lockdown or operating with much smaller crews.

Tile, laminate flooring and other finishes are becoming out of stock with a long unknown status.


Contractors are busier than ever, and it is very difficult to schedule when they themselves don't always have a good handle on their schedules. It takes weeks and several followup messages to even get an estimate in some cases. They are also faced with their subs getting sick, which is affecting their workload. And add into the mix the fact that they are in such high demand, their prices went up along with that. There are also price increases on raw materials and supplies.

If you are planning to remodel, or do any additions to your home, keep in mind that obtaining permits from local municipalities are rigorous these days. Many of the staff are still working from home, applications are having to be submitted online, and of course there are backlogs they are dealing with as well. Permits being delayed causes scheduling of contractors and trades to be delayed - in most cases, they have moved on to other jobs, adding more delays.

At, Interiors by Wendy, we are doing our best to keep our team safe and work closely with our vendors in order to give you the dream home you deserve.

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