Kitchen & Bath Design

Planning to upgrade your kitchen and/or a bathroom, but finding it to be a bit overwhelming? There are tons of decisions to be made - the layout, the aesthetic, the function, tile selections and color palette and so on.

At Interiors by Wendy, we can help you from the layout of the space, to the installation phase. We love creating kitchens and baths to fit our clients needs, wants and desires. We provide you with the best space layout, cabinetry, tile selections, wall coverings, light fixtures, and much more, including window treatments.

It all starts with an in home consultation, where we will focus on the kitchen and bathrooms that you want to have remodeled. We will talk about your needs and wants, your budget, your time frame and much more. We will suggest layouts and ideas for materials.

How much does a Kitchen remodel cost?

Typical kitchen remodels range from $15,000 - $55,000+.

1. Basic upgrade: $15,000+. This may include updates as simple as new cabinet knobs, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures and paint — often DIY projects. Perhaps it includes replacing the appliances, painting the cabinets or putting new doors put on them, installing new countertops or adding a tiled backsplash.

2. Renovation: $25,000+ - This scope would allow for all of the above plus new cabinets and possibly some changes to the room's shell, such as removing soffits, relocating lighting or adding a skylight.

3. Remodel/addition: $55,000 and up. A larger-scale remodel may include any or all of the above, as well as a new layout of the kitchen space and possibly nearby rooms.